Ltd Edition Flocked Po Kung Fu Panda Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure Review

I’m very new to the sensation that is Pop! Vinyls but have got to say, I am now hooked. So thought I would review my newest addition to my slowly expanding collection. Meet the very lovely Underground Toys Exclusive Flocked version of Po from Kung Fu Panda!

So Pop! (or Pop! Vinyl or some just call ’em well, Pops) is a collectible vinyl toy line created by Funko in 2010. It’s original name was to be Funko Force 2.0. Pops are highly stylised collectable vinyl figures from Funko based on the Japanese Chibi style. Pop! Vinyl’s cover a wide range of licensed brands and popular culture such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, television, movies and more. Pop! Vinyl’s have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and with an ever increasing range and rare exclusive versions, I can see why.


As is the standard thing with pop! all of them are numbered and Po comes out as number 250. I was impressed by how they put their own stamp on a character I love so much like Po. Other characters are easier to turn into pops but to be fair I didn’t think Po was going to turn out that well – Until I laid my eyes on him that was.

Man was I wrong! As soon as you see him you know he’s the loveable dragon warrior. He looks adorable but ready for action and is pose is very cool. As for the look on his face, well it looks amazing. This unique version ranks above other Po Pop! Vinyls because it’s flocked – which is a fancy way of saying that it’s fuzzy and soft – just like a real life panda!   Now I know to some of you guys that collect pops this is a cardinal sin, especially as he’s an exclusive and has the coveted exclusive stickers declaring so on the box but I couldn’t help myself and took him out of the box practically the second I was handed him.  His fur was well done, only I didn’t understand why they didn’t put fur on his ears opting for a hard ruff style but I digress.

This is one of my most favourite ones so far only second to my San Diego 2015 Emoticon Glitter Exclusive Oversized Baymax from Big Hero 6 that I had for my birthday recently. Come to think of it, I had lots of pops and Dorbz – one of funko’s other toy lines in a similar vein thanks to my beloved Sasha so I blame you, Little Vamp for my new obsession! It was a shame that it was delayed in arriving from America as it’s an American exclusive but was well worth the wait. Now I just have to get the other two Kung Fu Panda pops to have the full set, though I’m hoping they add more characters – I’m crossing my fingers for Oogway soon!


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