Jumanji Reboot to Star Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson


By now it’s widely known that a certain famous wrestler who likes to ask if you can smell what he’s cooking every so often, also likes to stretch his acting muscles. Just in case anyone has been living in a cave these last few years, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson does a mix of movies ranging from comedy, action and adventure like Walking Tall and my personal favourite, The Scorpion King.


Now as announced via instagram, he’s been handed the very privileged reigns to produce a remake of the much loved 1995 family adventure film, Jumanji.


The late, great Robin Williams played the lead role in the original film and it is not currently confirmed what part The Rock will be playing and if indeed he’ll be in the lead role position.


If Johnson is tacking the role of Alan Parrish, it’s quite the role to fill and I can foresee a bit of a backlash from the fans.


This Sony film, directed by Jake Kasdan will start shooting this fall with a release scheduled for July 2017.
Now I am a big fan of The Rock, unlike my Little Vamp Sash who is not a fan at all. This announcement is much more appealing to me than when he announced he was doing Baywatch – I was never a fan of that show…

I think he could do an amazing job on this movie though and it’ll be interesting to see which direction he goes to deliver a brand new take on this 90’s classic.

Either way I am confident he will have us all eager to play the game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind once more.


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