Now to start off, I love action films and martial arts movies, especially old 1980’s Hong Kong action films.
Imagine my joy when I came across the trailer for unlucky stars on YouTube. I have waited a very looooooooooooog time for them to release this, let me tell you!


It was well worth the wait as this is a perfect homage to the 1980’s Hong Kong action films and will hit the mark with any fan.  The martial arts are fantastic and full of fast-hitting pure kung fu action. The comedy is well timed and will have you regularly bursting into fits of laughter and the stunts look so good, you really feel for the actors that are performing them at breakneck speed. Most  of all, it just blends so well that you would easily think you where watching a Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao film like “Meals on Wheels” or “Lucky Stars“ and you would not be far wrong!


This film was heavily inspired by the “Lucky Stars” series featuring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. The action sequences will remind you of some of the scenes in the series and elements of the characters are directly influenced by the series. Ruel, Quitugua, and Rimburg’s characters parallel that of Yuen, Jackie, Sammo perfectly.


So what’s it all about I hear you cry?

Well, Josh Whitman is broke after quitting his job and desperately needs a new one, so a friend sends him to Ken Champaco to fill in as a private investigator. Ken takes him on as his new partner for his latest case-Tracking down Peruvian D-list action star Tomas De La Cruz, who owes $15,000 to a nasty local bookie and has gone on the lamb. La Cruz’s obsessive fanboy, the talentless wannabe action star Sameer – who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag also gets dragged into the story. Along with the talented but overweight martial artist David Palatkinov, who is relegated to being a unappreciated stuntman. In an explosive kung fu medley of kicks, punches, flips and at one point a little angry man with a big stick, Josh and Ken soon discover that this isn’t going to be the easy payday that they thought it would be.


To be fair, this independent film was made just for the love of Hong Kong action films by some fantastic stuntmen but is is an absolute must watch for any true kung fu fan.


Now go buy or rent it now, you won’t be disappointed!


Unlucky Stars The Movie is now digitally released on VOD for these sites via 108 Media Corp!
BUY OR RENT from these links below!

GooglePlay: to

All downloads are in HD and SD options are available as well.

Please share the news and support this independent homage and love letter to Hong Kong Action Cinema!

Be sure to check this film out here:

Visit their site and share the love at: http://www.unluckystarsthemovie.com


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