Rick And Morty Season 5 Finale (WARNING: Contains Some Spoilers!)

We are massive Rick And Morty fans over here at Heroes of Geek!

LV as Tiny Ricki a female clone of Rick who survived Operation Phoenix in her Dimension FEM-28.

Now finally, after weeks of waiting we get a two-part season finale!

“Forgetting Sarick Mortshall”

This episode gives your more insight in to Rick and Morty’s relationship, as Rick replaces Morty with two crows. Yes, you read right, two crows… but we will get more into that later.

Rick “You’re fired!”

Morty has been travelling back to places where Rick has caused havoc and left devastation in his wake. He then tries to help undo the damage of there adventures. However upon returning home, he realised that the portal fluid in the portal gun has been marked by Rick, to see if it has been used.

Fixing Rick’s messes!

Morty accidentally gets portal fluid on his hand which creates a mini portal in his hand that connects to a stranger named Nick’s leg.

Oh no

Rick finds out that Morty has been using the portal gun but is more angry with Morty putting green soda in with the portal fluid. This is where Rick replaces Morty with the two crows and Morty seeks out Nick.

The new sidekicks

As you can imagine, this then takes off full throttle in true Rick and Morty style! Rick goes on some mad adventures with his new crow sidekicks, Morty busts Nick out from a Mental Institution and the new pair go on a quest to get more portal fluid.

As always, things turn bad fast but the two fight their way out of a bad situation. (Don’t want to spoil too much so go watch it to find out more!)

Morty asks Rick if they were hitting the reset button now but Rick finally acknowledges the toxicity of their relationship and they need to break up. It was time for Rick to move on with his two crows, leaving Morty waving goodbye in the distance.

“Rickmurai Jack”

This episode is choc full of Canon but firstly continues directly from the previous episode. Showing Rick has become a fearsome crow warrior. (That we thought looks a lot like Vampire Hunter D, even down to the horse).

Anime stlye!!

After seeing Morty for a moment the episode kicks into a full Anime inspired intro. There’s an arch nemesis named CrowScare but this is all wrapped up relatively fast.

Here is where we now move on to the main backstory and a familiar face shows up with some rather big revelations.

I don’t want to spoil this for you but this is an episode that will tie up lots of Rick’s history and why another character is the way he is. You would never guess this mad, crazy ride that this episode is going to take you on.

So sit back and get ready to have your mind blown! Enjoy! #RickAndMorty100Years

P. S. The Adult swim promo for this end of season was fantastic with a never before seen trailer of its live-action version featuring none other than Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd.

“Morty, we are home”

Then followed up with two other shorts. These are a must watch for fans so head over to adult swim twitter to check them out

Written by Van Wolf and Little Vamp

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