NQ64 Arcade Bar Cardiff!

Hi there and thanks for stopping by our latest post!

Van & I had the great pleasure of being invited to the launch of a great new venture in St. Mary’s Street Cardiff a few nights ago.

May I introduce you all to the epic NQ64 Arcade Bar!

The security staff were so friendly and the staff in general, made us feel so welcome as they happily ticked our names off the VIP launch event attendees list.

Our excitement was dialled up to 100 when we were handed a cup of games tokens and drinks tokens, no cash used on these games baby!

As soon as you enter,  your senses are met with brilliant, neon and futuristic yet retro game themed street artwork on every space.

We couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Games consoles of every description, from the Sega Mega Megadrive to the Nintendo Gamecube. Not to mention armed with some true classics like Tekken 3 and Mario Kart.

Take a short look around the corner to be greeted by an array of vintage arcade games cabinets from Pac Man to The Star Wars Trilogy.

There was also plenty of old school shoot ‘em ups – Check out my skills on Rambo!

Just across the way is a full blown bar.

The counters comprised of encased game tokens and even more fluorescent artwork and pop culture images everywhere.

Ordering a drink from the vast, cleverly named cocktail menu with drinks like Kirby and Blanka was a treat in itself.

Kirby and Bubble Bobble Cocktails!

My favourites were the Batman and Game of Thrones pinball machines.

Batman Pinball

All the staff were so friendly and there was a lovely atmosphere and geeky vibe of welcome to all.

You were provided with neon pens and encouraged to write whatever you want across all the tables.

I interviewed the General Manager Rachel who clearly loves games, the gaming culture community, vibe and creativity.

What really touched me, is she said she wanted to have a place everyone can go to that’s fully inclusive with no barriers and just really enjoy themselves.

Little Vamp (LV) up on the 2nd Floor

With ramped access throughout, an accessible toilet,portable ramp to access the varying levels and access different games, as a motor wheelchair user, I was in Heaven.

Cocktail Time!

It was so refreshing to be asking your thoughts and feedback and the staff even thinking how to nod games without even asking, to you can try everything including Time Crisis with a foot pedal, tells me this is a truly special place run by amazing people.

NQ64 officially opens today 4th November 2021.

I cannot recommend a visit enough, if your going to to toe on the games or  hilling with an epically made theatrical cocktail whilst sat by giant neon original Space Jam aliens in the booth, NQ64 is a MUST!

I hope you enjoyed our little video in the link below and hope to see you there one day soon. Oh and you can have soft drinks and some cocktails can be made mocktails but there are only retro crisps etc for snacks  – Line those stomachs before hand coz you have to try their epic cocktails.

Heroes of Geek Rating:10/10

Written by Little Vamp and Edited & Formatted by Van Wolf, videos and photos by Van Wolf.

Come check out our full video of the venue including cocktails, games, interview and some funny stuff at the end!

Stay awesome and stay safe all x


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